I teach private lessons for adults and children. Styles ranging from old-time fiddle, bluegrass, classical and singing. Ear training is heavily focused on, this is the way we will learn all folk music as well I teach the basics of reading music, pitch, rhythm, time signature, key signatures, dynamics and tempo. We will look at practice strategies and ideas about what to practice, and how to practice.You will learn all the basic skills to be able to read any piece of music and as well hear any piece of music and play back what you hear. Singing goes hand in hand with learning music, most songs we learn on the fiddle we will also learn to sing. Intermediate and advanced players we will explore several options for fiddle backup, such as fills, chords and chops. We will cover music theory that is the basis for accompanying , including chords, and scales, and delve into the nuances of fiddling behind a singer or soloist, rhythmic content, melodic and harmonic content, and phrasing, and tone.