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Secret City

This Sunday we gather in New York City, the theme is DIRT, perfect for this mulchy, muddy moment of the year. Here's our roster of artists and performers:

  • Multi-disciplined artist, Dove Drury Hornbuckle will share ceramics, sculpture and drawings
  • John Brodeur, who plays in The Secret City Band, will present a number of his own as our featured musical guest
  • The lovely Marianne Cohen will present her famous apple butter
  • Our dear Stephanie Summerville will read the Cultural Calendar
  • One of our favorites, Sarah Alden will play the fiddle and there will be some flatfooting!
  • The wonderful poet Lee Ann Brown will read a poem called DIRT
  • And I think we're going to play a game about GOSSIP.

There will be a bunch of songs about DIRT and a story about a trip to the southwest--a dirt colored wonderland.  


Come get dirty with us! 

Earlier Event: November 19
Barbes Brooklyn, NY